This week's blog is brought to you by Angelica Kristiansen, BiblioTEC Intern at our Sylvan Way location.

Hi! For those of you who don’t know, or for those who want to know more, we in the Make Do Share program are making/will have made a game for International Games Day, which we will be celebrating on November 19th at Sylvan Way and Port Orchard. It’s has a combination of elements coming from Battle Ship, Chess, and Capture the Flag. It has also been likened to the game Stratego by some who have attended our presentations, as well as some of our own members, although it is different from the other game.

We made this game together during the weekly Make Do Share program with a majority of the Teen Advisory Board. When we met, we came up with so many different ideas, with so many worlds and types of game and characters and it was truly amazing. Sadly, though, we did have to pick and choose what would fit together and what would have to be let go. (Possibly to be saved for a different game we could create later, we’re hoping!)

Once we decided on the type of game and the basics, we went running with it. We started using Sketch Up to make the game, which we will be printing using our 3D printer. And, although it was hard, it was so fun to learn to use the printer and Sketch Up and to see what everyone came up with. We are almost totally done with it, and we will be presenting it at International Games Day!


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