Bainbridge Island History Project

Fumiko Hayashida with Natalie and Leonard on March 30, 1942, at the Eagledale ferry dockThe Kitsap Regional Library Foundation has launched a $18,500 fundraising drive to make an important part of Bainbridge Island history available online: World War II era editions of the Bainbridge Island Review newspaper, which covered in detail the forced internment of many Island residents.

The Bainbridge Island Review documented local history when, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, more than 200 Bainbridge Islanders were the first of 100,000 Japanese-Americans sent to internment camps for the duration of the war. Some of these families had been on the Island since the 1880s. In the newspaper, the Woodwards openly opposed the internment, which they called the “exclusion,” and published news from the Island internees while they were in the camps.  

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About the Photo:

Fumiko Hayashida, pregnant and holding her child Natalie at the Eagledale ferrydock on Bainbridge Island awaiting deportment to an internment camp in Manzanar, California on March 30, 1942. Special thanks to the Museum of History and Industry for allowing us to use this very special photograph.

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