Do you know how much money using the library has saved you? I know how much it's saved me!  $2,495.84!  That’s how much I would have paid if I purchased every one of the 475 items I’ve borrowed for work and personal use. And I’m not an outlier here. The average amount saved the Little Boston Library staff is over $2,000. One staff person has saved over $3,350! 

How did I find this out?  A new software upgrade this past June allows staff to see year-to-date and lifetime circulation counts, as well as the year-to-date and lifetime amounts saved.* Keep in mind that this information has only been collected since June, so these calculations account for less than half this year. So, I have actually saved even more! 

Want to find out how much money you have saved?  Ask a staff member the next time you’re at the Library and they will be glad to look it up on your account. 

Enjoying hundreds of books, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, music CDs and more every year? That’s a fantastic deal...and some serious savings! 

*Please note, protecting your privacy is still our priority, so there is no way for staff to see what specific items were checked out unless you have opted into the “Maintain reading history” in your online Account Preference settings.  

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