Now that the presidential election is finally over I am feeling the need to write about something lighter and more fun. One of the things I am greatly looking forward to is the upcoming (2017) Wonder Woman movie which stars Israeli actress Gal Gadot as the iconic Amazon. You can watch the newest preview here. In my opinion, Gadot's Wonder Woman was the best part of the movie Batman vs. Superman. She is also the first female superhero to have her own movie. Her. Own. Movie. Why did it take this long for this to happen? I do not know.

Wonder Woman has had a wonderful year and the upcoming film is only part of that success. Her loyal fans celebrated 75 years of Wonder Woman this year and she has recently become the UN ambassador for the empowerment of girls and women. Erik Alexander of writes: 

"The decision comes as part of a campaign to raise awareness on  Sustainable Development Goal 5, achieving gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls.Goal 5 is one of 17 goals set by the UN in 2015 to achieve a prosperous, protected planet. Since her inception in the midst of World War II, the iconic female warrior superhero made famous in DC Comics has made great strides in displacing traditional female tropes such as the "damsel in distress," offering instead a strong, capable heroine with a strategic mind and incredible fighting capabilities who ranks as among the finest in her trade."

Strong and capable is right. Wonder Woman's creator, psychologist William Marston, was inspired by the real life experience of suffragettes who chained themselves to the gate outside the White House in an attempt to gain votes for women. Marston, was also the inventor of the lie detector (remember Wonder Woman's golden lasso which forces people to tell the truth)?

Want to learn more about this beloved feminist superhero? Our libraries contain wonderful graphic novel collections which feature many Wonder Woman classics and these two fascinating nonfiction titles which discuss Wonder Woman (and Marston's) histories:


Come check them out. Happy reading!

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