Have you ever been in a reading slump… a long reading slump? I mean this can be hours, days or even years or decades, depending on your reading habits.

Librarians have them, too. One of my colleagues recently confessed to me that she had been in a reading drought since June. Then something happened that broke the spell for her, and she decided to pick up a book she would never normally choose, and now she’s off and running, reading again.

What mysterious wizard’s brew got my co-worker reading again? What unexpected discovery? What guilt-tripping incident? What happenstance of serendipity returned her to her reading self again?

The turning point was helping at our Library Service Desk and getting an Adult Summer Learning Finisher’s 100 hour t-shirt reward and congratulating that 100 hour Adult finisher for their success. My colleague suddenly thought to herself: “If they can read 100 hours, I can read, too!” She went out and grabbed a book to read without even knowing if it’s something she’d usually pick, and has been happily reading ever since.

Summer Learning is not just for kids and teens, it’s a powerful and fun part of adult summers now at KRL, where you get all the same incentives, rewards and congratulations as the kids: a sneak preview copy of our 2017 One Book One Community title to keep of your very own for letting us know you have read for 10 hours since June 1, an awesome t-shirt at 100 hours of reading, and a raffle ticket for the gift basket of your choice for telling us how you used the library this summer to learn more, dream more, do more or be more.

What’s your Reading Renaissance? What prompted you to read again? I would love to hear your stories!





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