School is just around the corner! Many of us are doing back-to-school shopping and errands, setting up schedules and seeing our new classrooms. It's a great time to remember the library's phenomenal online resources for learning. Whether you're 5, 55, or 105, you can use any of the Homework Help databases.

  • Get help from a Brainfuse tutor after school.
  • Research specific topics with Britannica, the digital encyclopedia.
  • Access research articles on virtually any subject with ProQuest.
  • You can even get science fair ideas from the Power Knowledge Science databases!

Whatever your subject is, we can help you learn it. If you'd like to use these from home, all you need is your library card: Head to Click on the black Research tab, right in the middle. Then click on the Homework Help link, and you should see portals to all our online resources. When you pick the one you want to try out, you can enter your library card number to get access. 

If you have questions about any of these online resources, please ask us how to use them - we'd love to help! 


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