One thing I love to do as a librarian is put up book displays. This month, as I gathered books on the theme of "Be a Good Neighbor," I found titles that really energized me and put me in a good mood. After all, the Samaritan spirit fills you with enthusiasm, goodwill, compassion and inspiration.

You have the ability to change the world. Whether your world is your city, your neighborhood, your circle of friends, your family, or within yourself, you can change it! All you have to do is choose to say yes to whatever is calling you.

How you make your mark is up to you and there are so many opportunities. These books discuss activism, volunteering, civility, philanthropy and faith. From having a neighborhood barbeque, making crafts, joining in conversation, to taking a walk with friends or giving small donations, explore what works for you.

What does "Being a Good Neighbor" mean to you? How far does your "neighborhood" extend? Who will you smile at today?

It makes a difference.


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