Today is a special holiday that honors all the brave men and women who have served and died in our country’s armed forces, past and present. It’s a day that many families celebrate by attending parades, gathering for picnics, going on trips, or hanging the flag in front of their house. Remembering.

Perhaps your mom currently serves in the Navy, your uncle was in the Air Force overseas, or your grandfather served in World War II. Or maybe no one close to you serves now, but your great-great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War. Regardless of how close we are to the service men and women out there, we all as a country take this special day to remember and honor them.

Here are some books that you can read with your child about Memorial Day and our service men and women; or your child can read them on their own.

Memorial Day by Robin Nelson

Memorial Day by Christin Ditchfield

These two nonfiction books cover the basics of this solemn holiday, from the history of its beginnings after the Civil War, to discussion on the different branches of the U.S. military.

Star-Spangled Crafts by Kathy Ross, illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm

Who says patriotic crafts can only be done around Independence Day? Honor Memorial Day with your family by creating a flag mosaic, American eagle magnet, and more.

H is the Honor: A Military History Alphabet by Devin Scillian

This unique alphabet book teaches information about our armed forces and their families, while also showcasing their commitment and courage.

Hero Mom by Melinda Hardin

A touching picture book about a few superheroes out there—military moms.

Don’t Forget: God Bless Our Troops by Jill Biden

A child deals with her father away at war by sending him care packages made with help from her grandma, talking with him on the computer, and with the support of her community.

Choosing Courage: Inspiring Stories of What it means to be a Hero by Peter Collier

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation compiled these inspiring true stories of men and woman, military and civilians, who displayed outstanding bravery at home and abroad. 

The library is closed on Memorial Day, but we will reopen at our regular hours on Tuesday, May 31st. We have a lot more books on the military--stories, information books on the branches and technology, biographies and more--so just ask your friendly youth services librarian for help in finding the perfect one.

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