Kitsap County is a military county. It was difficult to miss this fact when I recently moved to this area from out of state. While doing storytimes with young families, I was immediately struck by how many dads and moms were serving our country, both overseas and locally. It got me thinking about how difficult it must be for a child when one of their grownups is away for six months or more. While the spouses I run into are tough and matter-of-fact about the situation - I know it must be difficult for them. This July, I wanted to create a list of books for the young children of military families. I hope that these titles will help parents express to children that their other parent is not overseas because of a lack of love or familial value, but instead because of an over-abundance of love. From the military men and women I know, service to our country is not a nicety of life, but a deeply held value that they have acted upon, and to which we everyday citizens can aspire to. A big thank you to all our military men and women, and to their spouses who still find time to get the kids to the library during the busy summer months.

Click on the book cover to find the title in Kitsap Regional Library's online catalog:

I miss you! : a military kid's book about deploymentH is for honor : a military family alphabetMy military mom

My mom is in the NavyHero mom

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100 days and 99 nights : a novelDear baby, I'm watching over youLily Hates Goodbyes (All Military Version): Jerilyn Marler, Nathan ...

Year of the jungleDon't forget, God bless our troopsBrave Like Me

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