In the following post Brianna, an intern at the Bainbridge Island location of Kitsap Regional Library, highlights the project that she created for the Library's Make Do Share initiative.             

I chose to make an art challenge for two reasons: the first is because I really love art and think everyone should have the opportunity to become an artist and second, to introduce the idea of self-learning and how important it is to learn things for yourself and grow based off of your own understanding of things. "Upright" by Brianna Allen. Courtesy of the artist.  

"Upright" by Brianna Allen. Courtesy of the artist. 

This art challenge was designed for everyone with any level of artistic experience. So if you find yourself seeing amazing things everywhere and don’t feel like you could ever create something like that just remember, everyone starts somewhere. And this could be your somewhere.

Personally, I want everyone who can to try this out. It’ll be fun and hopefully stress free. No one’s art is going to look the same because we are all different people. So don’t be shy and just try it out! Click on the attachment below to get started. 




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