It’s that time of year for deals, deals, deals!  With Black Friday now behind us, we’re inviting you to celebrate Cyber Monday with us here at the Kitsap Regional Library. Our deals are just too hot to pass up; with a Kitsap Regional Library card, be prepared to save big. Your library card will give you access to thousands of titles for the below bottom-dollar price of $0.00. Nada. Zilch. How do you get in on these amazing deals? I’m glad you asked!

Audiobooks and Ebooks

With Overdrive, you can download a selection of sizzling-hot titles to read or listen to that are sure to keep you cozy this winter season (or give you a good excuse to get some alone time during the hullabaloo of the holidays). Whether you are looking for a recipe book for new dish ideas, craft inspiration for gifts and home decor, or a suspenseful thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat, you can read them all without breaking the bank! And, because these items expire on their checkout date, there are no late fines and no risk of misplacing them.

That’s not all…


Tired of paying an arm and a leg for magazines that you read once or twice? The Kitsap Regional Library is offering them to you at an all-time low cost of FREE! With Zinio, our online digital magazine service, you can download popular magazine titles to keep as your very own. That’s right, folks, we’re not even asking for them back. To sweeten this deal even more, this service is even offered as an app--- zinioforlibraries. Check it out (but don’t return it)!

Don’t have a device to download your favorite magazine titles? No problem; stop by one of our libraries and check-out a copy to take home for three weeks, or pull up a chair, get cozy, and read the newest titles right in the building. Get the scoop for free without holding up the line at the grocery store.

But, it gets even better!


Do you like listening to music? Do you have a favorite song that you spend countless drives hoping will come on the radio so you can belt out the lyrics like Adele in your own personal version of car karaoke? If so, brace yourselves for this: with our downloadable music service, Freegal, you can download five songs a week to keep for a nominal cost of free.99. Think of the playlists you can make at that price.

If creating a playlist isn’t quite your thing, we can still help you keep those vocal chords warmed up  in the case that you are preparing to audition for ‘The Voice’; or if you simply just want to lose yourself in the music. The library has a diverse collection of CD’s by new artists and old favorites for a 3 week checkout to appease all ranges of music-lovers.

Wait, there's more!


If that isn’t enough, we want to save you even more. The Kitsap Regional Library offers access to a variety of premium databases that will unlock the doors to a whole new level of free services. With databases like: Learning Express, Mango Languages, and Morningstar, you can: practice for the SAT, learn to speak Spanish, and brush up on ways to invest all the money you are going to save by using your library card!

The library offers access to and All Data Repair from inside any library location, as well. Get to know more about your great, great grandmother on your father’s side, and try to diagnose that strange rattling in your engine all in one afternoon! It’s almost too good to be true.

If you’re a Kitsap Country resident who can’t make it into one of our library locations to register for a library card, we will even help you save on gas. Go here to register for an ecard which will allow you to take advantage of the online deals listed above, and even more. If you already have a library card, get the aforementioned deals, then head down to one of our library locations and peruse our collections of popular movie titles, television series, video games, books, and more. We’re just checking out ALL the free stuff; it’s almost like we do this for a living, or something.


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