Fall is a magical time of year. Students of all ages return to school, nights lengthen, the weather changes seemingly overnight and life returns to a somewhat  more predictable rhythm (especially if one has school-aged children).

Fall is also an excellent time to try/learn something new. Our society tends to emphasize new things in January, but fall can be a wonderful time of new beginnings as well. After all, learning something new can be especially rewarding as the nights get colder and longer.

Dive into something new! (Image credit Markus Spiske "Pool Diving Board")

Does all this talk of learning and new things have you wondering where you should start? Kitsap Regional Library has a web page  which is a great starting place. For example, do you want to watch one of the television shows (Outlander  or maybe Game of Thrones) which all of your friends are talking about? The library buys these shows on DVD and makes them available for checkout so that you don’t have to pay for HBO and/or Starz each month. Find these shows  (and more) in the KRL catalog.

 Want to discover a new musical artist (or listen to four songs from a new album from a musician who has been around for a while)? Our free music database called Freegal enables anyone who owns a library card to download the music of David Bowie, Adele or Christina Aguilera along with music from hundreds of other musicians for FREE. Want to try a new magazine for free? Our Zinio database allows you access to whole magazine issues on your tablet/phone. Having access to downloadable free titles like “O”, “Parenting”, “Vanity Fair”, “Consumer Reports” and “Forbes” will save you money and time and help you find new information about the topics you love learning about.

Perhaps you are a fiction reader who feels like they are ready for the new experience of reading more nonfiction (or vice versa)? You can access Overdrive from the library’s site in order to download nonfiction (and fiction) ebooks and audiobooks. Worried about fines? Don’t be. Our downloadable collection makes it easy to try new things because one can never accrue any overdue fines on a downloadable item.

Do not forget about the library’s site when you need to learn something new for your job, too. Washington residents can take online courses through the Microsoft Imagine Academy at Kitsap Regional Library in order to become Microsoft Office Specialists.

Additionally, one can also use our Learning Express database to prepare for a number of different exams (the PSAT and the SAT among them) in addition to professional career-related exams.

Finally, one can learn a brand new language by using KRL’s Mango language database. Mango includes instruction in French, Spanish, German and Chinese (Mandarin).

Don’t forget that you can also use both the library’s site and its Inspire publication to create a number of new experiences for yourself and your family. For example, these resources can be used to learn about our library events (including story times, fun new book groups, our One Book One Community title and author visits).

Library staff loves answering your questions. If you have any questions about any of the resources I have listed above please contact your local Kitsap Regional Library site. Here’s to diving into new experiences and lifelong learning!

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