Ed Emberley loves to draw and believes that anyone can learn to do it; perhaps that’s why he’s one of my favorite illustrators. In 1970, Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals became the first in a long line of books by the artist focused on teaching children to draw using simple shapes, letters, numbers, and fingerprints. He continues to make drawing and creating accessible with his Ed Emberley on the Go! series.


From his Caldecott Medal-winning Drummer Hoff (written with his wife Barbara) to the recent Ed Emberley on the Go! series, Ed Emberley has been writing and illustrating books for children since 1961. His first book, The Wing On a Flea: A Book About Shapes, encouraged readers to find different shapes in the world around them:

“A circle could be a little green pea, or eyes in the dark, if you’ll just look and see. A marble, a bubble, a ball, a balloon. The earth and the sun, and sometimes the moon.  The wheels on a train, the hole in a key. You’ll find lots around, if you’ll just look and see. Rectangles, triangles, circles, all three! You’ll find lots around, if you’ll just look and see.”


Urging readers to look for shapes everywhere, using an unintimidating approach to teaching drawing, giving the reader control in Go Away, Big, Green Monster!--Ed Emberley believes in making readers participants in his works.

Mr. Emberley has written, illustrated or contributed to over 100 books in his career, but doesn’t call himself an artist; instead, he likes to say that "he draws pictures for a living."  And we are all the richer for it.

To find out more about Ed Emberley, visit http://www.edemberley.com/pages/main.aspx

 or https://www.facebook.com/Ed-Emberley-407934075944677/ And have fun drawing at http://edemberleydrawingpages.blogspot.com/


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