I will admit it, I am inherently a pretty emotional person. As I get older, I have noticed that the moment I think I've found ways to manage my emotions and stress levels, I turn around and another heap of emotions is piled on in a seemingly never-ending cycle. With constant stressors like finances, job security, world affairs and the in's and out's of everyday life, you may feel like you are constantly overcoming one obstacle after another.  How does one break that cycle? Well, I have yet to discover a magic Stress-A-Way spray or a guard to keep the emotions at bay. However, I have noticed that understanding the feelings that I have - and finding healthy ways to deal with them whether it be through talking, deep breathing, or journaling - helps to calm me down and think more clearly. 

For an adult, finding ways to overcome these stress barriers is easy (okay, okay...I know it's not easy), but for a child, when emotions start to take over it can be confusing and even scary. As children grow up, opportunities for new and foreign emotions present themselves, and learning how to deal with them can be a struggle. Remember when I told you that fib before about stress being easy for adults to overcome? Imagine how a child must feel when trying to sort through all those feelings. 

If you are looking for resources to help you approach the topic of feelings and emotions with a child you love, here are some great books to help you get started. And let's be honest, it can take an emotional toll on a person to help someone else sort through their feelings. Remember to take time for some personal self-care while you're at it. 

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