We see it every day: you use Google to find a blank resume template, but after filling it out and clicking 'Print' - surprise! The website requires you to pay a fee.

Avoid the frustration and use your library card to access not only free templates, but free feedback too.

Start by going to KRL.org and clicking Research (found on the horizontal, black menu bar).

  1. Click brainfuse.  

             You'll be prompted to type in your 14-digit library card number.

       2. Click Adult Learners 


       3. Click Write a Winning Resume


       4. Click Online Resources 


Once you've written a draft you can get expert feedback within 24 hours!  Starting from Online Resources, follow these steps:

  • Click Upload Resume

             You'll be prompted to sign up for a free brainfuse account.  

                                                  This brainfuse account will not be connected to your library account.

  • Click Get Live Resume Help


Take a look at all the Library's career center has to offer!

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