We’ve had quite a few warm and sunny days here in Kitsap County, which makes me think that our summer season is finally here! Many of you may be furiously planning last minute vacations, camps, or activities for your kiddos to do once school is out. My family tends to be last minute planners, as much as I try to force us to be otherwise, so I’m totally with you. In the midst of figuring out the perfect summer for your kids (and participating in Summer Learning, of course), I want to remind you of an activity so simple you may overlook it—going outside.

Grab your kids and take them to a local park. Go for a walk through a nature reserve or around one of our waterfront parks. Take a hike through a state park. Explore tide pools and search for seashells at one of our many beaches (our county does have 370 miles of shoreline, after all). It’s not complicated and best of all, it’s FREE—just slather everyone in sunscreen, grab a hat, water, maybe a snack, and you’re off!  Instant fun.

Don’t overlook the simplicity of just being outside.  Check out some books that offer ideas on how to engage kids with the outdoors.

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