As we edge toward the end of summer (North Kitsap School District students start school again on August 31) library staff has been delighted by a steady stream of children who have completed their ten hours of reading for Summer Learning. Nothing makes us happier than getting to talk with the sometimes shy, sometimes not so shy, young people who patiently wait in line in order to proudly show staff their completed trackers and receive their prizes- a book and a Kitsap County Fair ticket. Wait…that is not completely true…we also get excited about adults who have finished their 10 hours of reading, too! Yes, it is true Dear Reader, I did say adults. This is the second summer that Summer Learning (aka Summer Reading) has been open to adults in addition to children and teens and we want EVERY Kitsap County resident to know about this wonderful opportunity.

By now you might be wondering what you need to do to participate in this KRL Summer Learning awesomeness? Well, let me fill you in and help you get started. Grab an “Inspire” publication at any of Kitsap Regional Library System’s libraries and then turn to page 15. This page is actually designed for a family of four (each family member can keep track of their hours on one of the four individual columns). Cross off a beach ball for every one hour of reading you do (if you read for 15 minute increments you can cross off one of the quarters of a beach ball). Newspaper and magazine reading both count, as does audiobook listening. If you want to go above and beyond the 10 hours and read for 100 hours, then flip the page over and keep track on the back (the back page equals 90 hours). After you have finished keeping track of your hours on the tracker then bring the tracker into the library and show it to library staff. We’ll give you a high five AND a prize (while supplies last).

In fact, one of the best parts of Summer Learning has to do with the prizes! Adults who read for 10 hours will receive a free copy of our upcoming One Book, One Community title, and be the first to find out what that title is.  Adults who read for 100 hours (or more) will receive one of the colorful 100 hour t-shirts that are on display at each of our libraries.

Adults (and children and teens) can also choose to participate in the other big part of Summer Learning - the drawing. The entry form can be found on “Inspire’s” page 17. It encourages the participant to choose something they are interested in learning AND decide HOW they are going to learn it (using library resources, of course). After the participant has filled out pages 17 and 18 they can then place their entry in a container at any of our libraries. Prizes for the raffle this year are truly incredible! Participants can choose to be entered in a drawing for a gardening basket, a STEM basket, a maker basket, a renovation basket or a craft basket.

So come on adults, let’s give the children and teens a little friendly competition. Grab an “Inspire”, track your reading and then come in and claim your prize before September 1!

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