How do we turn our kids into readers?

It is a question often asked of librarians, teachers...and one that parents often ask themselves, as well. Even parents that do not often read for enjoyment in their own life realize the importance of reading in their children's lives more often than not. I think the answer is probably that raising a reader begins at birth. While there are a lot of things that can go wrong on the way to becoming a reader, there are also a lot of opportunities to change the trajectories of non-readers. The brains of children are plastic - meaning they are moldable, fluid, and changeable. So whether you or someone you know is just starting the journey of raising a reader or have already hit a lot of bumps and dead ends along the road - have hope! In my career, I've seen a lot of dedicated non-readers, antagonistic to the very idea of reading, become passionate bibliophiles once they found their niche. It is never too late to start reading. Every book its reader, and every reader a book. 

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