No one is making me write about our Community Conversations this month, but I have to tell you, I was totally surprised and impressed with the dynamic and heartfelt experience we had last week holding a Community Conversation with our own Poulsbo library staff. I was so moved by the authenticity of the things that were expressed there, as staff “took off their work hats” and spoke from the heart, as people who live here and care deeply about their neighbors, their town, their farm.

We’ll be holding these “come one come all” Community Conversations all over the county to hear from you, and if it’s anything like our staff experience, you’ll be energized and thinking about it long after the meeting is over.

These are different from the conversations most groups hold, they are not town halls or focus groups, they really are a “kitchen table” style conversation. That means everyone can talk and talk freely, and people can discover and learn from one another and explore their own ideas.

We want to root our work and decisions at the library in what matters to people and engage with our communities in new ways. We want our services to be as reflective and connected to our communities as possible. We want to really know what you think, and not just think we know.

Will you come to a Community Conversation and share your aspirations and concerns, so we have public knowledge and not just “expert” knowledge, so that, together, we can transform our community in the direction you’d like to see?

Please join us!

Bainbridge on Saturday, June 11, 10am-noon

Port Orchard on Saturday, June 11, 10am-noon

Poulsbo on Saturday, June 11, 3-5pm

Silverdale on Saturday, June 25, 3-5pm

Sylvan Way on Saturday, June 25, 3-5pm

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