The current climate in which we live has felt stressful and overwhelming to many people including myself. I recently spent time talking to a friend about this and decided to cut back on my news media intake for a week. My goal was to clear my head, reduce stress and create balance.

It also happens to be American Heart Health month. The American Heart Association has a list to help us avoid heart disease called Life's Simple 7. The list is comprised of seven directives that will help individuals reduce their risk of heart disease such as managing blood pressure, getting active and stopping smoking. One thing the list doesn't mention is stress, but there is a correlation between heart health and stress. Stress may cause increased blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and weaken your immunity. Meditation, relaxation and a healthy diet can help reduce stress, but another stress reducer that requires little to no effort is laughter!

One of my goals during my media reduction was to reduce stress. What better way to do this than cultivate my sense of humor? I have spent some time looking at lists of the funniest movies ever made along with humor booklists. I have placed holds in the catalog and am eagerly awaiting them. If you would like to lighten your heart with laughter in honor of American Heart Health month or for any reason, take a look at the lists below and check one out at your local library.


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