I help all kinds of nonprofits all over the county with every aspect of the nonprofit life cycle, from conception and birth to sustainability, management and leadership, boards and a treasure trove of research resources, through the library’s role as a Funding Information Network Partner of the Foundation Center of New York.

The thing I do most of all is help nonprofits find funding and all that goes with it – the proposal writing and budgeting skills, collaboration models, trends and what to do after the grant.

More and more I am getting the question “Do you know any grant writers here in Kitsap you can recommend?” As a public librarian, I need to have not just one person I recommend, but a list of options, remaining neutral in my recommendations, but connecting that nonprofit to some quality options for hiring a grant writer.

To develop this list, I need the help of local grant writers for hire – who are you? Where are you? Do you have a few references I can talk to about your work, so I can put you on my dream handout titled “Resource List: Are you looking for a Kitsap Grant Writer?”

"The Writer", Hampstead Heath, August 2005

"The Writer", Hampstead Heath, August 2005

Are you a grant writer in Kitsap? Send me your contact information at pbranaman@krl.org and help the library help nonprofits all over Kitsap, as we lift up our beautiful county with more ways to make a difference and support our communities.


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