Star Wars + STEM? Now these are the droids you were looking for! As Kitsap Regional Library celebrates Star Wars Week with many events happening at a library not far away, we also encourage all padawans (jedi in training) to improve their computer programming skills with an Hour of Code.

As Yoda might ask: Hour of Code what is, hmm? Well, the mission is simple: it’s a one-hour challenge to improve computer programming skills.  Hour of Code was created with the idea that if everyone in the world devoted an hour to learning how to write computer languages, there would be more people going into computer science programs at universities and entry into software industry careers. While learning a computer language can seem daunting at first, Hour of Code makes the experience very enjoyable through educational games. You can access a galaxy of educational games here at the Hour of Code website,

To celebrate the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII release, Hour of Code has released two droid programing games. These games allow emerging computer programmers to learn JavaScript, a commonly used programing language. Lines of code are produced by using drag and drop blocks.  The droids, R2-D2 and BB-8, assist the player with dozens of math puzzles that stealthily teach programming skills. The games are for ages 6+ and can be played individually or in small groups.

Anyone can participate in Hour of Code, regardless of computer skill level because the games allow for playing, trial, and error.  Many of our libraries and local schools have had Hour of Code activities, and the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Here are just a few ways to keep the code going: Has a multitude of puzzle games to get acquainted with the drag and drop block programming. Whenever finishing a puzzle, click on “show code” to view the lines of code that each block represents as a good way of learning the syntax of the programming language. You can also tackle the 20 hour computer science fundamentals courses through their Code Studio.

Code Combat: A puzzle style game with a dungeon crawler-style game twist. Each computer programming puzzle feels like a level in Zelda but teaches advanced languages like Python and Java.

Python Playground: Geeky Projects for the Curious Programmer is a playful guide that offers lessons on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, gaming, and fun projects that will power up your programming skills.




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