Greetings from the new Kingston library!  We are reveling in all the additional space, seating, and of course, books!  If you have been able to visit, you know just how fabulous it is.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to come see it, do come visit us sometime, especially if you have kids that love jellyfish and naming things…

As anyone who has ever moved knows, it takes some time to fully settle in and get all the little details nailed down.  One detail to decide is a name for the artwork that hangs in the kid’s area: 

Lisa Stirrett, a local artist based in Silverdale, created a beautiful glass sculpture, and thought it would be neat if a local child named it.  So through May 14 kids are welcome to submit their name idea for the sculpture when they visit the Kingston Library. 

After May 14 we will pass all the submission on to Lisa Stirrett, and she will select the name.  I will admit I peeked at some of the proposed names, and there are many fun and creative ideas.  Come visit us soon to submit yours! 

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