“Plant a little seed,
Watch it grow, 
Soon we will have a vegetable.”

                 --- Nancy Stewart  

When the sun came out yesterday, Nancy Stewart’s song began running through my head and I started thinking about planting a vegetable garden. Although I’ll wait a couple of weeks to make sure that there won’t be another frost, I can begin planning now.

Planning and planting a vegetable garden are activities that the whole family can enjoy doing together. It is fun to decide what to eat, because, of course, that is what you’ll be doing, once your garden begins producing.

So, first, what do you want to plant and is it something that grows well in your area? (Kitsap County is in hardiness zone 8, according to the planting zone map.)

Second, if you’re experienced gardeners, you probably know how best to prepare the garden plot you’ve selected for planting. If not, then perhaps, take a look at one or two of the titles below for some advice.

Third, how will you maintain your garden? If your family garden is a group effort, you may want to schedule weeding and watering duties to keep the plants uncrowded and growing.

Fourth, fresh vegetables are delicious—you can eat them right after picking or cook them. You may discover a new favorite recipe!

After the soil and air have warmed up this month, try planting one or more of the following vegetables for a tasty start to your summer: beans, beets, carrots, corn, peas and tomatoes.

Happy growing and happy eating!

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