Summer Learning has begun and all of the Youth Services Librarians at Kitsap Regional Library have been visiting schools and getting kids and teens excited about reading and learning! There are definite incentives for reading at the library. If you read ten hours, you get a free book of your choice and a ticket to the Kitsap County Fair. If you read 100 hours, you get to pick one of our limited edition 100 hour reader t-shirts and you get your picture on our Facebook page.

Summer Learning is a fun program and a very important program. It is one of the ways in which the library supports learning and the schools throughout Kitsap County. One thing I discuss with kids at school visits is why we have a Summer Learning program. They pretty much always come up with the answer in one form or another. Today, one child told me, "so we won't forget the things we learned at school this year." Exactly.

"Summer Slide" is the term used to describe how kids lose some of their achievement gains made at school during the summer. This loss is especially evident in children from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Research has shown that reading during the summer months can help prevent summer slide. One way to motivate kids to keep reading is to participate in our Summer Learning program. Scholastic lists three ways to help prevent summer slide:

  • Read six books during the summer.
  • Read something every day.
  • Keep reading aloud.

The Children's Literacy Initiative also suggests the importance of choosing the right books, making reading fun and visiting the library. Youth Services Librarians live for finding just the right book for your child. Make sure you check out Lisa's post about favorite summer reads. There is something there for everyone, from the very young to older teens.

Kids can visit the library to get just the right book, but they can also come to the library and learn amazing things at our Summer Learning programs. Not only will they learn, but fun is pretty much guaranteed. Make sure you check out our Inspire publication online or get one at the library for program listings. Our Summer Learning program also challenges kids, teens and adults to learn something new, which also fights the slide. Ericka wrote all about it in a recent blog post.

I hope this summer is full of reading, adventure, learning and fun for the families of Kitsap County! I look forward to being a part of it at the Kitsap Regional Library.


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