When ebooks first came on the scene, book lovers eyed them with suspicion. Humph. Devices are fine but paper is better, aren’t we agreed? The smell of a new book, the heft of a tome, the feel of the pages…it’s more pure. More real. More legitimate.

On the other hand... The flexibility that digital offers us is staggering. Here are a few examples: For people with limited mobility, the ability to download from home offers a level of freedom and independence not available in the past. For those learning English as a second language, slowing down the speed of a digital audio book can be helpful for practicing your accent and/or increasing your vocabulary. For voracious readers tired of carrying around their books on the off-chance they have a moment to read a few pages, the ability to sync your ebook between phone and tablet removes the burden of hefting a book around on errands. Here’s the thing: Digital or paper, we’ve made the choice to read a book. We could be choosing any number of ways to spend our time, but instead we’ve chosen literature.

Regardless of the device we use to read, codex or tablet, we have this in common: we are all readers. However and whatever you like to read, you can find a book suggestion at Kitsap Regional Library. Get personalized suggestions from a librarian at your local library location, or use our new online service, BookMatch. Do you have a favorite author or series? With your library card you can access NoveList Plus from home for some suggested ‘next-reads’. Enjoy!


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