On March 14, math geeks the world around gather to recite the number pi to the furthest decimal they can. How far can you go without looking it up

There are so many ways to celebrate Pi Day. You could calculate the circumference of a fresh baked pie or you could try out Raspberry Pi. Despite its delicious name, it is not the kind of pie you can take 3.14 slices of-- Raspberry Pi is a micro-sized computer that can run full linux and help emerging programmers with the designs of their dreams. 

Raspberry Pi is a computer that fits in your hand. You can plug it into a computer monitor or even a TV to get the visual information from the computer. It also uses a standard keyboard and mouse set up to make for easy access. Raspberry Pi is a great device for programmers of all ages to learn about how computer languages work.

What can you make with Raspberry Pi? The options are endless! You can use Raspberry Pi to create everything from video game consoles to protecting your wifi connection. Imagine having the small computer mounted in your room connected to our collection of audiobooks, playing all of your favorite stories through the speakers with a code you created! There are so many options for projects to make with Raspberry Pi. Best of all, Raspberry Pi features dozens of projects on their blog and here are some fantastic guides for check out from our collection at Kitsap Regional Library. To get started, I recommend taking a look at the chapter Making Pi by Charles R. Severence. 

If you do not have access to the Raspberry Pi hardware right now, you can still give the software side a try. Scratch is a free downloadable software from MIT that can be used to create programs, games, and more for the Raspberry Pi platform. You can download the software here or try the web editor here.

How are you celebrating Pi Day? We want to hear from you! 

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