Looking for something to do over winter break?  Worried about finding presents for the people in your life?  Do not despair--there is still time to create something fun for--or with--your family and friends, while using your imagination and creativity.  And you can create while recycling old t-shirts, yarn, CDs and more!  

Crafts for Pampering Yourself features eco-friendly projects that you can make from reusable household materials that are usually thrown away.  From Luscious Lip Balm to a Pampering Pom-Pom, you can create a great spa day for yourself or others.

Use Cool Crafts With Old T-Shirts as your guide to remake old t-shirts into pillows, gift bags, dog toys and more!  Trade old t-shirts amongst family and friend to get "new" craft material.  (There are also books on making Cool Crafts out of old jeans, bottles, cans and wrappers and cardboard and wrapping paper.)

The creations in Knitless: 50 No-Knit, Stash-Busting Yarn Projects may be a bit more difficult, but well worth a dip into your yarn stash.  Make a pom-pom chair, holiday card holder, yarn-wrapped vase, no-knit yarn scarf or choose from forty-six more interesting activities.

Happy crafting!


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