Where can you go for your caravans, stuffed moose heads and Norwegian matchbook collection?

Why to Norway’s answer to eBay, finn.no, of course! Where do I find these things? Why the wonderful “supplier of Norwegian culture” ThorNews.com, my favorite blog lately.

A recent scan of posts include a Viking Recipe for Kleppmelk and another for Pickled Mackerel with Pepper Sour Cream and New Potatoes (just in time for the late September shoals of mackerel visiting Norway), tidbits about the first book printed in Norway, The Almanac for 1644, and 10 Things You may not Know about Cows.

Categories at ThorNews.com range from Culture, Food & Beverage and History to Language, Nature, Quirky, Sports & Health, Travel, and, of course, Vikings. Culture includes Bonad, Sami, Trollkar and the battle of knits and more. I appreciate that Travel includes Norway's most popular campgrounds, as well as a nice breakdown of the country into north, south, east, west and central with local flavor. The Language section is particularly rich, covering many aspects, from the use of Runes surviving the introduction of Christianity to the Norwegian government wanting to prohibit surnames.

I work in our Poulsbo library location, and can’t believe I didn’t discover this blog until recently, with so much Norwegian heritage woven into our daily lives here in the northern part of Kitsap County.

Looking for more? The Library has an entire collection dedicated just to Scandinavian history and culture. Visit the Poulsbo Library, or browse our online catalog, to check out the Scandinavian Collection! Surrounded by everything from Viking history to Norwegian language to modern Scandinavian textile art to the beloved Moomin stories, you might just forget you're in Washington state. We can even help you research your Scandinavian ancestors.

Kitsap Norway fans – enjoy!

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