A new year can be the beginning of a new chapter, one that may include new goals to work towards.  What’s on your resolution list? Plans to travel?  Learn a new language?  Start using your slow cooker?  Try a new exercise?  No matter what your hopes and dreams are for 2017, remember that Kitsap Regional Library is here to help you dream more, learn more, do more, and be more. In fact, that’s our mission! 

Personally, my goal is to read more books by authors of color.  I’ve written before about the lack of diversity in children’s books.  This problem concerns me because as a youth services librarian, I want to be able to connect ALL kids to books that are mirrors—stories they see themselves reflected in, and books that are windows—books that reflect lives of people different from themselves.  Intentionally choosing to read more “window” books will make me a better librarian to the communities I serve, AND I will get to hear stories I might have otherwise missed.  That’s a win-win resolution!

Here are a few titles, for children, teens, and adults I have on my to-read list: 


What are you resolutions?  How can the library help you achieve them?  

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