Last month launched the brand new and thoroughly revised SAT. If you plan to take the SAT in the future, you will be taking this redesigned version.

How big are these changes? Big! No other SAT changes in the past few decades have been this dramatic. Scoring has changed (old SAT 600-2400, new SAT 400-1600). Timing has changed (old SAT 3 hours and 45 minutes, new SAT 3 hours, plus optional 50 minutes for the essay). Time allotted and numbers of questions for each section have changed. Old SAT had a penalty for wrong answers, new SAT has no guessing penalty. Old SAT was paper and pencil only, new SAT adds a computer option. And last but not least, there are lots of content changes incorporating newer learning standards.

Want to be sure you are studying the right materials and understanding the right timing and scoring methods for this drastically redesigned SAT? Look no further than the library’s online Research collection, available from any device anywhere, with your library card. We have a product called Testing & Education Reference Center with College Prep Tools including ACT, PSAT and the SAT, updated for the NEW SAT and easy to use from home, available 24/7.

So, don’t be surprised on SAT test taking day, be prepared! Try out SAT practice tests and test preparation for the NEW SAT at no cost to you at select Testing & Education Reference Center under Research, choose Homework  and cruise down the alphabet to TERC, as it is affectionately known, for short. Use and repeat. Enjoy unlimited use with your friends.

Prefer to study on paper? We also have an updated collection of books and study guides for the new exam. Check them out here

At KRL, we’re keeping up on changes that affect you, to make your life easier. We’ve got your back. Good luck on your exam, and happy studying.


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