National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us! Whether you’re spending your November writing a novel or you write throughout the year, here are seven resources to get you started.

Research Databases
The Library has a selection of research databases, covering everything from Genealogy to Auto Repair. Need access to 1890’s immigration data for your historical fiction project? How about information on the average population of Antarctica in the winter? (1,100 annually if you’re curious).  The library also provides access to Britannica Online, which is more accurate than and just as easy to use as Wikipedia.

Librarians 24/7 
This might seem obvious, but Library staff are trained to handle difficult reference questions. So if you’re not finding the answers you need, you can always call or drop by the library to ask for help. Have a midnight question you need answered? Use the Email option to send us a question, which staff will respond to usually in 48 hours, or use the 24/7 Chat function to talk to a librarian right away. (The chat is staffed by librarians across the country and sometimes even further away!)

Purchase Requests & Interlibrary Loans 
Maybe you need a copy of an obscure mythological text, or just a copy of someone’s dissertation on it. Purchase Requests & Interlibrary loans are here to help. Just follow the directions on the website and let us know what book you need and we will either look in to purchasing the item or try and borrow it from libraries all over the country.

Reciprocal Cards 
One of my favorite writing resources is the Oxford English Dictionary. I love the detailed descriptions and etymology of the words. Unfortunately, the OED isn’t a database this Library subscribes to. However, your library card grants you the ability to travel to other libraries and sign up for reciprocal card. This means you can get a card from Seattle Public, King County, Sno-Isle, Pierce County, or Timberland library systems, just because you’re a member of Kitsap Regional Library. Then, you can use your new card to access all of their digital databases from wherever you are. (Seattle Public, King County, and Timberland all have the OED online.)

Quiet space 
Sometimes you just need to get away to get your writing down. While coffee shops are great for being out and about while writing, they aren’t always quiet. Many of our libraries have dedicated “quiet areas” or small rooms you can reserve for use. While we can’t guarantee silence, especially if there are programs happening, you can usually find a quiet spot somewhere in building.

Writing Programs 
Speaking of programs, the Library offers a wide variety of programs, including some targeted at writers. Check out our online calendar or pick up a copy of Inspire to get the details on writer’s groups, workshops, and write-ins.

Books on Writing 
Whether you’re ready to edit and need Strunk and White or you’re in need of some lessons on story structure, the Library has a book for you. Check out the 808’s in any of our non-fiction sections, or take a look at the suggestions below. 

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