Are you a Silver Sophisticate (global-consciousness, ecological lifestyle, experienced travelers, established neighborhoods, stylish homes, empty nests, philanthropic, art connoisseurs, liberal, retirees)? Or more of a Digital Dependent (eco-minded, outdoor activities, gamers and bloggers, digital trendsetters, risk takers, ubiquitous Internet use, generation x and y, active social lives, appearances are important, artistic type)?

If you don’t fit in either of those descriptions, we’ve got 69 more types to find your match, whether to live where like minded people live, or target your business location or sales or fundraising pitch to the part of Kitsap (or any US geography you select) most likely to buy or give.

At the library, we subscribe to Mosaic USA data inside our DemographicsNow product that is literally at your fingertips with your KRL library card, from home or office. Just select Research in the black menu bar from our home page and select DemographicsNow  from the options under Business to get started. (You'll be asked to enter your Library Card for home access). I highly recommend an hour together to show you the ropes. That can be arranged!

Mosaic is a consumer segmentation that describes American Consumers. It is a household-based segmentation system that classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods in 71 Unique Mosaic types and 12 groupings that share similar demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

Everybody loves quizzes, so say the marketing pros. How about letting all that data work for you and accelerate your small business or fundraising success? Make an Appointment with me at your convenience, to learn how to use DemographicsNow and Mosaic USA to find your target audience. Bulls eye! Score!

Inspiration starts here. Make an Appointment today.


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