A new biography about E.B. White, the author of the children’s books Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and the Trumpet of the Swan was released a few weeks ago. Melissa Sweet, award winning author and illustrator, meticulously curates White’s lifetime of written work into a uniquely designed biography that includes stories and poems from his childhood, essays and articles he wrote for the New Yorker, and drafts and sketches from his beloved children’s books. It is fascinating to read the first drafts of Stuart Little and to see the first sketches of Charlotte with the Mona Lisa’s head imposed on top of a spider’s body. Melissa Sweet also includes White’s family photos, personal letters, and other memorabilia and expertly incorporates her own collage artwork to enhance the feel of the biography. It is so well designed that as a reader you feel as if you discovered a long lost journal or scrapbook and you’ll come away inspired to re-read White’s novels.

Some Writer: The Story of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet Book Trailer

New Biography Celebrates E.B. White, Who Really Was 'Some Writer!'

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