Warning: If you do not appreciate potty talk, go ahead and skip today’s post. If you are among the number who celebrated World Toilet Day on November 19th, read on.

Sometimes we take for granted the modern miracle that is indoor plumbing until something goes awry and makes us realize just how useful and convenient it is to have a functional toilet.  Lately, we’ve had our fair share of plumbing woes at the Bainbridge Library giving us a deeper appreciation for the skills of plumbers and what a luxury it is to have quick and easy access to a commode. Whether it is from dealing with the toilet at work, or the fact that I live with a three year old whose current favorite topic and response to all questions is “poop!,” talk of potties and what goes into them has figured large in my life lately.  Clearly, my son is not the only one deeply interested in what goes into a toilet and where it goes, a quick search of the library catalog will find quite a few books on the topic.  I have tried with mixed results to turn his conversations to other subjects, or just ignoring it and gently encouraging him to choose nicer words than calling people “poop!” So now my mind turns to the adage ‘if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.’  So for the next few weeks we will try reading lots on the topic with the hope that increased knowledge will demystify the taboo of excrement, curbing his curiosity and desire for potty talk so we can move on to the next literary developmental phase after poop, which I believe to be dinosaurs (who not coincidentally left behind lots of poop. See the book on dinosaur poop below.)

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