Did you watch the game last week? It may have been a rollercoaster, but it was inspiring to see our Seahawks come back in the second half of the game. Winter break always feels like half-time when it comes to the school year. Whether you are finishing your finals for the first semester in high school or gearing up for graduation in spring, the second half of the school year can be daunting! So many big questions come into play: How can I stay organized? What do I need to succeed? Who can I turn to for help?

While we can't solve the biggest issues in your path, Kitsap Regional Library staff can walk you through some difficult moments. We can help direct you to resources that help with your questions and guide you to homework help, research guides, and so much more.  We remember being in your shoes and we're cheering for you to do your best on final exams and all the homework in between. In the meantime, check out this list to help you get organized, cite your sources, and stay healthy through the end of the school year. Don't forget to contact your local Teen Services Librarian if you are ever in need of help.

Start a good habit. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens is a roadmap for success. This guide helps teens at any level to get organized and conquer! January is a great time to adopt good habits and make a commitment to finishing your goals. Use this guide to find strategies for keeping up with assignments, managing your time, and preparing for exams.

Add to your bibliography. For essay writing, there is no better help for sources than the library. Whether you need to find a journal article about glacial sea ice or a research report about discoveries on Pluto, the library has got your back. Access resources from home or at school by visiting our research databases.

Cite your sources. The Perdue OWL has been a mainstay for writing excellent citations. Find out what format your instructor wants-- it could be MLA, APA, or even Chicago-- and then look at the guides that are featured on the OWL. You can transform your bibliography into perfect formatting just by following their guides. It is a valuable resource for essays in any class.

Find a tutor. Kitsap Regional Library's online resources also include a homework helper called Brainfuse. It is a portal to tutors who can help with homework and even resume building. If you are stuck on a math problem, try asking one of the tutors at Brainfuse!

Don't forget to be awesome. As John Green might suggest, we all need a reminder of the things that make us happy. Read, view, or play things that you enjoy when you can. You can only do your best when you are at your best. Stay positive. No matter what challenges you are facing during the second half of the school year, remember to stay healthy. Believe in yourself and reach out to your instructors, advisors, or librarians for help if you're in need.






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