Overwhelmed with health and wellness advice? Facing some scary health treatment decisions for yourself or a loved one? Suddenly thrown into the role of a patient with a chronic condition or a caregiver? I have just the book to calm troubled waters and put you back in control.

The Take-Charge Patient: how YOU can get the best medical care, by Martine Ehrenclou, author of the award-winning Critical Conditions, promises insider information from 200 interviews with health professionals and patients, plus patient safety checklists. The author delivers all this and more, in a way that comforts and clarifies the overwhelming world of navigating healthcare today.

Save yourself time and anxiety and use the Sample Questions to Ask yourself, your doctor, your pharmacist, or your health insurance provider. The chapters are organized to pick and choose as needed, with concise but meaty answers to empower you, take the guesswork out of your plans, and save you the emotional rollercoaster of either denial or over-researching your situation.

This author covers it all, from patient advocacy to how religious institutions can help you. There is a great chapter that simplifies your situation for almost everything you will encounter, including fear, embarrassment and tone of voice.

I started out browsing the chapter on How to Research Your Medical Conditions, Medications and Treatments to prepare for a class on that topic I’d be giving for a local group, and ended up wanting to read the whole book for my own family. I just had to share.

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