"The Three Little Pigs" tells of three pigs who build houses—one out of straw, the second out of sticks and the third out of bricks. A big, bad wolf blows down the first two houses but can’t destroy the third pig’s house. In many versions, the wolf eats the first and second pigs while the third survives. In other retellings of the tale, the first two pigs run to the brick house and all three pigs stay safe inside. And it’s not only pigs and wolves but javelinas, dassies, tamales, gators, cats, fish, coyotes, foxes, bears and sharks. Variations on the story come from all over the world although the tale is thought to have originated in Europe.

Some of the funniest variants of the tale explore the personalities of the characters or the fantastic world outside the story such as when the reader has to decide if Alexander T. Wolf really is telling her "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" or does B.B. Wolf really want to make amends in "Tell the truth, B. B. Wolf"?

Other versions get creative with the format of the book. After the wolf blows the first little pig out of the story in The Three Pigs by David Wiesner, the pig goes behind the illustrations to rescue the second pig. They pick up the third pig, fold their book’s pages into a paper airplane and embark on an adventure into another world, confounding the wolf.

In "Wait! No Paint!" by Bruce Whatley, a mysterious voice confuses the pigs and the wolf messes up their story. Keep reading to see what happens when the illustrator runs out of red paint.

From "The Three Little Rigs" looking for help when the big, bad wrecking ball comes to knock down their garages to "The Three Little Fish" with their seaweed, sand and wood houses to "The Three Little Dassies" (Rock hyraxes) and their grass, driftwood and stone houses, there are plenty of traditional and non-traditional versions of the story of the three little pigs. Happy reading!

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