Looking to trim your budget?

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Using the library is a great way to save money! Being able to check out or download books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines for free instead of buying them is great, but there are even more ways to utilize the library and keep money in the bank.

1. Check out our workout DVDs and books:

Skip that expensive gym membership and shake up your workout by grabbing some DVDs or books from the library. Whether you’re looking to try out Zumba or prepare for a marathon, we’ve got something to help you out. Our DVDs cover everything from yoga to ballroom dance. And no matter your age we have books to help support a fit lifestyle, from guides on nutrition for runners to starting a workout regimen for seniors. Need more interaction than that? Check out our video game collection and pick up some interactive games that encourage movement, like the Just Dance series or Kinect Sports.

2. Try out video games:

Speaking of video games, there’s nothing worse than spending money on a new video game for you or your child and discovering it’s not a good fit. Good thing the library is here to help. We have a growing collection of video game titles for several different consoles, all rated E or E10+. This gives you a chance to try a hot new title and see whether you like it before you buy. Best way to see what’s available? Search the library catalog for the kind of console you have (like WiiU or Xbox360) and put some on hold.

3. Consumer Reports Database:

Making a big purchase in the near future? Want to make sure you’re getting the best price or the best value for that new appliance, car, or television? Check Consumer Reports online through the library. A simple log in with your library card gets you access to the most current information about the best and worst buys in hundreds of categories. Not only can it help you save money, but having all the information before you purchase will make sure you’re getting the highest quality as well.

Bonus tip: Make sure you’re signed up to receive email or txt alerts! That way you’ll get a reminder three days before any items you check out are due. That’s the best way to make sure not to gain fines or fees and keep your library use free! 

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