We spend a lot of time around here on storytimes. That's because we know how important it is for kids ages 0-3 to get the opportunity to learn with their grown-ups. We hope everyone who comes to storytime has the chance to talk, listen, and play together! These are key elements to help kids get ready to read on their own one day. 

  • If you have a baby who keeps grabbing pages and making lots of noises while you're looking at a board book, that's awesome! They are practicing their hand-eye coordination, building their hand muscles, and chatting with you about the story. 
  • If your toddler can't sit still for a short picture book, it's okay! A few minutes at a time is all it takes to start building early literacy muscles. You can try dancing together to a story that rhymes, or singing a story instead. It might help to try sharing a book for just a few minutes at the same time every day - maybe before or after a nap, or after breakfast or dinner.   
  • If your preschooler keeps interrupting you to talk about the pictures in the story, that's great! This is a chance to talk about what you are seeing together, to build their communication strategies and comprehension skills. 

The most important thing to help kiddos build early literacy skills is to play and talk with your little ones. Try these quick and easy tips from the Washington Department of Early Learning & Thrive by Five Washington

If you'd like to go further, take a look at the very detailed Washington State Early Learning and Development guidelines, for birth to 3rd grade. You can download them here, or get a copy at your library. 

If you're wondering what it might look like to build comprehension or vocabulary skills with your little ones, you can see video examples of 8 important literacy skills at the University of Washington VIEWS website. (Click on the bolded blue titles for each different concept.) Don't worry if you share differently than the librarian does, what matters most is inviting your little ones to read and talk with you every day. It won't be long before they'll be inviting you to read with them! 

Lastly, you're always invited to come join us for fun & learning at storytimes each week - We hope you'll join us! 



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