"Whaaaaat?! No Way!" " You mean I can get lists of people in Kitsap county that are politically conservative, that shop online, that just moved, that started a business within the past 6 months, that have top credit ratings, that have grandparents or veterans in the household, that buy books or are charitable donors or quilt? You can if you have a library card. You can find neighbors, employers, markets and colleagues in your field. You can survey Kitsap, your own block, or the whole country.

reference usa 2I love showing people our ReferenceUSA database product, sometimes it actually makes people jump out of their chair -- really! I've watched people move closer and closer to the edge of their seat, just reeling them in, tidbit by tidbit, as the full potential of this wonderful database to change their life sinks slowly in. Once in a presentation to a group of civic leaders and business people, one person literally sprung to their feet shouting "You mean I can really .... with ReferenceUSA?", interrupting my presentation -- delightfully so."Yes, yes you can!" I replied. Suddenly, everyone one in the room wanted a library card. "You just made this whole thing worth the time, you just saved me a whole bunch of money, you just made my life soooo much easier..." all are common responses to ReferenceUSA, when people realize KRL provides you with unlimited use from home or work, no charge, with your library card.

ReferenceUSA is part of our collection, our way of empowering you to do more, be successful, save money. Sometimes people complain they go home and spend all day on ReferenceUSA after I show it to them, they complain it's totally addictive. Do you want to have that problem, too? Go to www.krl.org, select Research from the blackĀ menu bar, you'll find ReferenceUSA near the end of the page,. Or better yet, make an appointment with me and I'll take you for a test drive: email me at pbranaman@krl.og. I'll have you jumping out of your chair in no time.

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