We are well into cold and flu season and it seems like everyone’s got the sniffles. Sick days are the perfect time to use library materials to catch up on reading, watching, or listening. But sick days are not a great time to visit the library. Instead, try one of these ways to take advantage of the library from home! 

  1. Check out audiobooks.
    Reading to someone who is ill is a time honored tradition. But if your loved ones aren’t willing to risk catching a cold or you are by yourself, you can still enjoy that feeling by using audiobooks. Choose from our wide collection what sounds good to you, whether that’s a classic title read by a celebrity, like The Odyssey read by Sir Ian McKellan, or something a little more modern, like the new Jack Reacher title, by Lee Child, or even something comforting from childhood, like Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes on our two e-audiobook providers, Overdrive and OneClickDigital.
  2. Enjoy some relaxing music.
    Whether you’re struggling to fall asleep or soaking in a soothing bubble bath, music can help you achieve a greater level of tranquility. Freegal is a great way to access a wide variety of music, from instrumental versions of your favorite songs or classical compositions. Not feeling up to something musical? Check out their wide variety of ambient noise tracks, like Deep Sleep Nature Sounds or Waves for Deep Sleep.
  3. Read a magazine.
    Doctor’s offices provide magazines for a reason. With all of the pictures and short, to the point articles, they are easy to pick up, flip through, and engage with, even when you’re not feeling well enough to focus on something longer. And Zinio has a large enough variety to tempt just about anyone, whether they prefer Architectural Digest or Marie Claire or Thrasher Skateboarding. Download a current issue or catch up on past issues with ease. 
  4. Download your entertainment.
    The best way to get all of these items? Download them from the comfort of your couch! The Library‘s downloadable collection makes these items available wherever you have a device and wifi. Even if you’ve never downloaded before, the library has quick start and help guides on our download page to get you started. And if you run into problems, you can contact us for more help. 

    Library reminder: If you’ve put physical items on hold at your favorite library location and are sending someone in to pick them up for you, give them your library card or call ahead to let the library staff know that you are authorizing them to pick up your items. 

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