If you used the Library Now app to access Kitsap Regional Library, you may be wondering why you can no longer find us in the app’s list of libraries.  Unfortunately, we are no longer working with Library Now.

We first added the app to our services in November 2013 when the WA State Library offered it to us for a 1 year trial period – at no cost to KRL. This was a great opportunity to see how an app would be received by the community and the value it might add to our overall services.

When the trial period ended, we had to decide if the app was worth the cost.  We considered:

  1. Number of people actively using app (not many)
  2. Cost to KRL for each person using app (high cost per use)
  3. Performance of app (information lagged behind KRL website)

Our mobile users are important to us!

Before cancelling our contract we worked hard to make our website “responsive”.  We are happy to say that the Kitsap Regional library website now resizes to a variety of screen sizes, which makes it a lot more readable and usable on smart phones and tablets.

It looks like an app; it acts like a link.

You can still access the library directly from your home screen.  Here’s how:

First, go to the Library’s website, www.krl.org

Next, follow steps that match your internet software:

 1. Tap menu    2. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’


 1. Tap menu     2. Tap ‘Subscribe to Page’   3. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’


1. Tap share button      2. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’



We’ll see you at the library!

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