This summer will be loaded with fun STEM programming and activities at each of the Kitsap Regional Library branches. STEM topics and careers are such an important part of our future. Kitsap County is full of amazing and resourceful STEM professionals. In this blog, we asked some questions to local scientist Karen Hecht, about her career in STEM.

What is your field of expertise?

I am a molecular biology researcher. My research involves genetically engineering microorganisms that help us understand disease and help us make novel bio-inspired materials.


Why did you pick science as a career?

I like connecting to the natural world by understanding how it works.That means that I’m always exploring different areas of biology and always learning something new.


What did you like about science as a youth?

I liked being able to build on the things I learned in school and in the laboratory. I liked being able to follow-up on the questions that I found most interesting and design experiments to test my hypotheses. My interest in biology at school and my later work as a biology researcher was always self-directed and I found that very empowering.


What would you tell youth interested in science?

Stay curious and talk to as many people about your interests as possible. Let people who are experienced in your field of interest be your teachers.


Why do you love science?

Science is the lens through which I see the world. It helps me see it more clearly and more deeply by encouraging me to keep asking questions.

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