We have many STEM programs throughout the fall this year. You'll find kids in the library building K'NEX bridges, designing video games, bird-watching, and participating in numerous additional programs helping develop science, technology, engineering, and math skills.                                              

You might wonder why the library cares about STEM learning. We know that in our state alone, there are currently thousands of unfilled STEM-related jobs, and more will be coming! We want to help support kids' learning when they're not in school and help kids plan for their future possibilities. One way the library does this is by offering programs connecting kids to science in ways we hope will inspire them to explore STEM-related topics. 

Another way we support learning is by being your very own personal librarians. We can help kids connect to topics they're interested in by finding the perfect book for them. If your little ones want to hear about the first telescope being built, or how to identify rocks, we can help. If your older ones want to master harder topics like organic chemistry or classification systems, we would love to help your student find materials that matter to them. Stop by and let us know what you'd like to learn more about today! 


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