How do you know it’s officially fall? Is it when the leaves start to change color? When the school buses start running again? When the first pumpkin is carved? Or is it when election posters start popping up, followed by ballots arriving in the mail?

That last harbinger of fall may not evoke as cozy a feeling as a pumpkin spice latte. However, it is important. That we have the power of our voice - and the right to express it through voting - is a right that was denied to many people for much of our nation’s history.  However, that has changed, thanks to the hard work, sacrifices and dedication of brave people over the years. That all adult citizens of the United States may now share their voice and vote—regardless of gender, race—is something we can all appreciate. Voting may inspire warm feelings after all!

For information on enfranchisement and disenfranchisement in United States history, see:

For information on voting in local elections, see:

Or check out some of these books on voting:

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