This post was submitted by Peggy Branaman, librarian at Poulsbo.

With the questions I've been getting in the library about the new options for health insurance for adults, I've noticed an interesting trend: people who'd love to start working for themselves from home, but in the past one barrier was lack of insurance.

Is it time for you to take the leap and try self-employment? One small business owner I know went to Washington Healthplanfinder and discovered she could get her own insurance for much less money than before, and is overjoyed that the new health care insurance options empower her to forge ahead with her dream of working from home. Your individual situation may vary, so you'll definitely want to explore the tools at Washington Healthplanfinder for yourself.

Meanwhile, the library has lots of books to help you give your own home business dreams a "reality check". We have books that apply to all businesses, books that are very specific about a wide number of types of home businesses, books for Moms, books for financial people, crafters, a little of everything!

Here are a few of my favorites, for starters:


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