Road Trip USA

Summer vacation is drawing near and many families are planning and preparing for road trips. Whether you are ranging near or far this vacation season, here are a few books stock the car.  No matter where you are headed, the library is also well-stocked with travel guides to the United States and beyond.

Picture Books Authored by Celebrities

I have always found it fascinating to learn about children’s picture books authored by celebrities. More often than not, these books are interesting to read, because they are a product of the personalities we know and love from TV, music, politics, and sport. I always read them when I find them on the shelves, and tuck the titles into the back of my head. The knowledge of them often comes up at some later point, when I can say something like, “Hey, speaking of John Travolta…did you know he wrote a picture book for kids!”

Why I love science: An Interview with a local STEM professional

This summer will be loaded with fun STEM programming and activities at each of the Kitsap Regional Library branches. STEM topics and careers are such an important part of our future. Kitsap County is full of amazing and resourceful STEM professionals. In this blog, we asked some questions to local scientist Karen Hecht, about her career in STEM.

What is your field of expertise?

Kitchen Table, Anyone?

No one is making me write about our Community Conversations this month, but I have to tell you, I was totally surprised and impressed with the dynamic and heartfelt experience we had last week holding a Community Conversation with our own Poulsbo library staff. I was so moved by the authenticity of the things that were expressed there, as staff “took off their work hats” and spoke from the heart, as people who live here and care deeply about their neighbors, their town, their farm.

Book Sales at the Library: What a Deal!

Books, books, books; I can never get enough books! That being said, even though I have the amazing opportunity of sharing the stories I love with people every day, there are only so many library books I can have checked out for personal reading before I start feeling guilty. This is why it’s doubly important for me that I keep up on my personal library to ensure there is always a good book within reach.

What I'm reading this month

Honestly, it can be difficult for me to think of a topic to blog about every month. I cannot imagine how professional bloggers do it everyday or even several times a week. So, on a hunt for something even remotely interesting to share, I went out to the desk to pay my fines <blush> and stumbled upon a pile of holds. There were three wonderful titles that I had been waiting for, so I thought I would share them with you here.

Name the Sculpture

Greetings from the new Kingston library!  We are reveling in all the additional space, seating, and of course, books!  If you have been able to visit, you know just how fabulous it is.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to come see it, do come visit us sometime, especially if you have kids that love jellyfish and naming things…

As anyone who has ever moved knows, it takes some time to fully settle in and get all the little details nailed down.  One detail to decide is a name for the artwork that hangs in the kid’s area: 


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