(Not Quite So) Ready For Kindergarten

Sending a child off to school can be a very tough time; not only for a kid, but for a parent as well. Whether it is daycare, preschool, or kindergarten, it’s a big step and with it comes a flood of emotions, questions, hesitation, and sometimes even fear. It may be challenging to navigate this sea of uncertainty, especially at a time when what you want above all else is for your child to be well prepared and feeling happy.

The Wonderful World of Reptiles

As a children’s librarian, I have the extreme joy of watching kids get excited and genuinely interested in learning about a wide variety of subjects. Their thirst for knowledge is ever growing, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to connect them with experiences to satiate their curiosities. One subject that never seems to fail in piquing the interest of inquiring minds is reptiles. There is just something about these (mostly) cold-blooded tetrapods that continues to fascinate people. While reptiles might not be for everyone, they are definitely a huge crowd pleaser for many.

Book Sales at the Library: What a Deal!

Books, books, books; I can never get enough books! That being said, even though I have the amazing opportunity of sharing the stories I love with people every day, there are only so many library books I can have checked out for personal reading before I start feeling guilty. This is why it’s doubly important for me that I keep up on my personal library to ensure there is always a good book within reach.

Animals Behaving Badly

I can't quite explain it, but I can tell you this: ever since daylight savings time last week, my cats have been out of control.  This isn’t all necessarily new behavior, but they are chasing invisible shadows like never before; scaling curtains to bold and valiant heights; and clawing furniture like it’s going out of style. When we gained that one hour, my cats gained a whole new bag of tricks.

Thinking Outside the Block

I have been a lifetime lover of Legos. I have fond memories of spending entire afternoons with my older brother constructing creations conjured from our vivid imaginations just to tear them apart and start the adventure all over again. As Legos are becoming more and more prevalent as a teaching tool in education, I am thrilled that not only does my adventure not have to end, but that more and more adventures are being inspired each and every day.

More Apps for Early Learners

Last year I published a blog post looking at apps that help encourage development of critical literacy skills for early learners. It was a great opportunity to try out and explore different apps for As this year comes to a close, I'd like to expand upon that list by looking at the developers behind some of those apps, and take a look at even more app options that continued to challenge and inspire young minds in 2015.



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