A Rainbow of Teen Reads

At a very special meeting last Wednesday night, the Sylvan Way Teen Advisory Board discussed their feelings about the tragedy in Orlando. The teens responded with empathy and thoughtfulness, and noted that it does not matter how far away, we are all connected. I listened to their comments and each person had a chance to reflect. When one community is in pain, all communities feel that pain. The teen group had an open dialog and many different viewpoints were shared with respect for all perspectives.

Raspberry Pi Day

On March 14, math geeks the world around gather to recite the number pi to the furthest decimal they can. How far can you go without looking it up

There are so many ways to celebrate Pi Day. You could calculate the circumference of a fresh baked pie or you could try out Raspberry Pi. Despite its delicious name, it is not the kind of pie you can take 3.14 slices of-- Raspberry Pi is a micro-sized computer that can run full linux and help emerging programmers with the designs of their dreams. 

Succeeding in the Second Half

Did you watch the game last week? It may have been a rollercoaster, but it was inspiring to see our Seahawks come back in the second half of the game. Winter break always feels like half-time when it comes to the school year. Whether you are finishing your finals for the first semester in high school or gearing up for graduation in spring, the second half of the school year can be daunting! So many big questions come into play: How can I stay organized? What do I need to succeed? Who can I turn to for help?

It's All About Character!

Character development is a really big deal to me. When I am watching a television series or picking up a graphic novel, I want the characters to progress, grow, change, and evolve! I seek out casts of characters that are diverse and have depth in their narratives. Characters can break the mold, they don't need to be likable or relatable. There are some characters I would want to be best friends with, some that I see as great teachers, and others I admire but would avoid. It's also nearly impossible for anyone to have a "favorite character".  

Let’s Play! From console games to tabletops

Video games are like celebrated novels--their immersive narratives and distant worlds transport us into unique story experiences. Just as you close the final page in a fantastic book, finishing a game can become a challenging quest to find something new to enjoy.The mini-games are over, you’ve collected all the secret items, and unlocked bonus characters, so what should you play next? The same challenges apply to gaming as when you want to find your next good read.


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